Corporate Area

We offer assistance and consultancy services for all administrative practices, including any corporate reports or consitututions procedures for both national and international entities. Our staff have an extensive experience in corporate restructuring, in both crisis management, foreclosure and preforeclosure procedures.
The members of the Firm participate as Audit Committees and Boards of Directors in several corporations,, offering their statutory audit and accounting skills and conducting independent directorships in listed companies.
Our Firm, thanks to strong bond of trust they enjoy in respect of its customers, also serves as a family office, providing a range of specific supported activities. The management of generational transitions in family business realities, is widely recognized as one of the most delicate steps for the life of any company, mostly due to the difficulty of maintaining a rational management decision-making free from emotional and affective factors. Giorgio Mece, through its considerable expertise gained, in over 40 years of professional activity helps family businesses, of all sizes, to manage change, knowing the dynamics that characterize the generational transitions and critical points that characterize the family businesses. The critical issues that are manifested in generational transitions inevitably affect the whole business reality in its organizational dimension, economic and psychological. The firm, through its professionals, provide support and assistance on all tax and corporate aspect that concerns the assets of wealthy families acting as the following operations: Planning and specialist advice, including tax and strategic advisory services; Investment management ("due diligence" investment and professional assistance in a variety of transactions); Administration services, including the management of relationships with service providers, accounting and relational services among family members, in their capacity as beneficiaries of the estate.