Tributary Area

The firm provides assistance and advice in the field of direct and indirect taxation and local finance, to companies, organizations and individuals, residents and non. Ensuring continuity with the management of all tax obligations. We shall give advice on the application / non-application of national and international tax law applied to different cases. We can offer specific support in managing relationships with the tax authorities also through the proposition of instances, questions and such difficulties. as well as qualified assistance during tax audits, notification of acts and assistance with court procedures;
We are able to provide corporate assistance, economic and tax in the transfers of companies or branches of companies, mergers, demergers, transformations, transfers and demergers of companies or branches of companies, corporate reorganizations. Environmental Due Diligence tax and accounting, planning and management of the economic and financial aspects of the integration process, corporate assistance, economic and fiscal implementation of strategic alliances.
The firm has thirty years experience in tax litigation, which is expressed in the different phases of proposition and judgment before the Provincial Tax Commission (grade I), regional (grade II) even to the Supreme Court of Cassation; In this instance hearing the study is supported by the professionalism of Lawyers, sponsoring the Supreme Court, specialized in tax matters. The study also provides support and assistance in dealing with the tax authorities, by proposing instances, questions and such difficulties;